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A perfectly crafted piece of jewellery says something about you. It expresses your personality, it is the gift of love and commitment and above all, it reveals your hidden side – the one that loves beauty and simplicity. Here at BestToHave we believe that quality should shine through in everything we do and that our pieces will bring you that individuality that you seek.


A gem of an idea

BestToHave started life in 2008 and has since built an enviable reputation for jewellery that is beautifully crafted, unique and well-priced. The business began as a response to the lack of simple, yet unique jewellery that fitted a tight budget. BestToHave filled that gap in the market.


How we are different


BestToHave believes in attention to detail – after all it is the small things that count when it comes to luxury products. From the claw of a ring, through to the chains matching pendants, we want the smallest detail to be uppermost – because then the rest takes care of itself.


This attention to detail starts with the choice of materials. Our cubic zirconia stones are the best quality we can find with the brilliance, clarity and cut of diamonds, but without the price. We also use titanium, silver and tungsten to create interest, juxtaposition and beauty – once again without added increased value. It is this combination of the perfect quality materials and careful manufacturing processes that allow us to keep prices down and quality uppermost.


Stylish pieces for stylish people


Our unique, fresh approach to styling keeps us ahead of our competitors. We regularly check global trends to ensure that our pieces are meeting the expectations of our worldwide clients. We recognise that people who wear jewellery as part of the fashion experience do not want to spend a fortune – but they want to make it look as though they do. We are good at keeping that secret!


Our customers receive special treatment here at BestToHave and we are regularly praised for offering much more to our clients than they would ever expect.  We are more than happy to advise on the very best pieces for the right occasion and to ensure that budget constraints are met. From a simple silver ring through to a sparkling created diamond necklace, we are able to provide the very best.


BestToHave are passionate about jewellery. Over the years we have come to understand that men and women deserve beauty and that it lifts the spirits to wear a new silver ring or a dazzling set of titanium cufflinks. We aim to provide that experience to our customers because it makes us just as excited. Designing and sourcing great jewellery is our day job, but looking after you is our everyday job.




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